Tips and tricks

Did you know that the reach of printed matter distribution strongly depends on several circumstances? Below we will give you a few convenient tips so you can get more reach out of your advertising campaign.

Tip 1: What do you want to communicate?
You have to think upfront for whom the flyer is meant and how you wan to come across and anticipate on this with your flyer. After all, a flyer for youngsters asks for a different approach than a flyer meant for seniors. Also take this into account with the postal codes where the printed matter will be distributed.

Tip 2: Attract attention!
Make sure your flyer attracts the attention at a single glance. This can be done by placing a number of attractive actions at the front. Also attach an end date to these campaigns to stimulate the consumer to take the opportunity immediately. If you attract attention, the chance of your flyer being read and the consumer taking action is a lot bigger.

Tip 3: Contents
The consumer receives dozens of flyers in his mailbox every week. So you have to realize that you have to draw the attention of your customers at a single glance. The flyers usually aren’t read from the first to the last page. Make sure that you make clear in the headers and the first line what the flyer is about and what you want to tell. Let pictures and photographs do the talking for you.

Tip 4: Take action
In your flyer you have to make clear how the customer can take action after reading your flyer. Should the customer call you, visit a website or come to your store?

Tip 5: Regular distribution
By regular distribution you make sure the consumer gets used to seeing your (brand)name and/or logo. By frequent repetition you can build a strong brand and persuade the customer to use your products.

Tip 6: Other means of advertising
The reach of printed matter distribution fluctuates. One organisation gets a lot of responses from their distributions and another organisation gets less reactions. The response depends of course strongly on your flyer and the product or service offered. Ask yourself if a distribution can offer you the desired effect. Usually a combination of actions is advisable. Besides door-to-door distribution you can think of placing advertisements, using social media or a more personal approach.

Need advice?
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