FAQ Unsealed distributions

When is the distribution?
We deliver on Saturday/Sunday or Monday/Tuesday, depending on the postal code area. 

With numbers over 50.000 pieces it is possible to do a midweek distribution in a number of postal code areas. We kindly ask you to contact us for this possibility.

When does the distribution order have to be in?
After consult we will always find a solution for this. We prefer to receive the distribution order not later than the Friday before the last date of the delivery. After receiving the order, we will send a confirmation of the order with all information necessary.

Where can the printed matter and/or weeklies be delivered?
Delivery happens usually in our distribution depot in Cuijk. At request it is possible in some cases to deliver closer to your distribution area at a regional distribution station.

When does the printed matter have to be delivered?
Printed matter should be delivered not later than Monday a whole week before the distribution.

How does the printed matter and/or weeklies have to be delivered?
Bundled in manageable packs with equal content, with a maximum of 500 pieces. A delivered pack/box should not be heavier than 30 Kg. When material is delivered unbundled a bundling surcharge of € 5.00 per 1.000 pieces is charged.

General conditions
´╗┐To all our distributions the general conditions are applicable. You can download them here.

Is there a minimum order per distribution?

Per distribution we apply a minimum of 10.000 pieces. At request we can distribute less than 10.000 pieces. The costs for this are € 35.00 per 1000 pieces. About this kind of delivery we cannot take any complaints afterwards.

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