FAQ General

What is the price for distributing printed matter?
The price strongly depends on a number of criteria:
- the total print run of the distribution area
- the weight of the printed matter
- the frequency of the printed matter and/or weekly.

Are there selection possibilities for a distribution?
With Leaflet distribution Netherlands you can distribute segmented, which
means that together with you we can draw up a distribution plan at your options. For instance, you want to distribute at specific social levels. For this selection costs are calculated. Ask for a free of engagement offer.

Do we distribute everywhere in the Netherlands?
We work closely together with about thirty companies throughout the Netherlands that take care of the distribution for us. That way you will always have one contact from drawing up the distribution plan till placing the order.

Where to go to with complaints about the delivery?
Complaints about the delivery can be passed by telephone or e-mail, not later than three working days after the last distribution day. The complaint has to contain a postal code and house number. The complaints will be checked by our delivery managers. We will keep you informed about our findings.

Are there periodical checks?
There are weekly periodical checks in our whole distribution area. The findings are personally communicated by our distribution managers to our deliverers.

How are complaints handled?

Complaints regarding the distribution can be mentioned to Inovamedia until not later than three days after the last day of delivery. This can be done by e-mail to info@leafletdistributionnetherlands.com or by telephone to +31 (0)77 466 0189.

Only complaints complete with name, postal code and house number of the complainer can be taken up by Inovamedia.

When filing a complaint you have to reckon with NO-YES stickers on the mailbox. Those addresses will not receive any deliveries.

Every complaint is recorded and processed by an automatic system. Depending on the nature of the complaint it will be investigated and personally checked by the delivery manager. The findings will be communicated to the customer.

After filing the complaint it is our goal to solve and communicate it to the customer within five working days.

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